Friday, January 31, 2014

In search of the truth – Part II

The second claim of Mr Narain’s is on the Foreign Direct Investments.

I have used the tabulation provided by my learned friend only.

As per his duality theory of convenience, my learned friend has used the % growth to add value to his comment.

But the fact is for the same given period of time 2008-2009 to 2011-2012 period,

F DI Inflow in USD millions
Andra Predesh

I am at a loss to understand how he projects Andra Predesh over Gujarat.
In his earliest postings he has argued that the investments made by Reliance in Gujarat has not added any value to the common man of Gujarat, then I do not know how the FDIs made on any other states will add value to the common man of that particular state.

At the same time, the p-sec intellects of the country blame Modi for bringing FDIs at the same time praised the other chief ministers for the same FDIs in their states, a good approach indeed.

State wise Gross Domestic Product by Industry – posting by Narain on 28th Jan 2014 and the 

My friend comfortably compares Bihar with Gujarat here, and that too using % growth formula.
Using his own statement, a student who has scored 40% can improve his performance by 150% but a student who has scored 90% can only grow maximum by 11.1%.

From 203, 373 crores in 2004-2005 Gujarat has grown to 398,884 crores in 2011-2012.
In the same time Bihar has grown from 77,781 crores to 246,995 crores.

No doubt it is an impressive growth, but still Bihar has a long way to travel to catch up with other developed states. By sheer size Gujarat is 50% more than Bihar. 

Also we need to understand that it becomes much tougher to retain your position once you grow beyond a point. 

But what my learned friend has missed is how much % of claim shall we give to BJP for the development of Bihar, as they were the major coalition partners to Mr Nitish Kumar?

Or as usual, shall we give all credits to the new found darling and put all blames on BJP? The choice is yours!

We should congratulate and motivate Bihar for a fine work of growing, we can benchmark Bihar against Gujarat but is it fair to compare the two ?

Look at the figures given by my frien on Industry, Manufacturing and services and decide yourself.
Now the most important point of % of people below the poverty line

% of population below poverty line

All India

Can we now declare Bihar has not achieved anything in improving the standard of living of its people and comment that Tamilnadu lags behind Gujarat in eradicating poverty?

Growth of Agriculture

All India

Using this data, shall we proclaim that Tamilnadu has not cared for his agriculturists?

Sorry, I do not believe in jumping into such conclusions, if we really care for the nation and its people, we should come forward to meaningful discussions and not try to use our intellects to twist the facts and figures.

May serenity prevails all over; let us try to understand the big picture without any preconceived notions.

There have been hundreds of meaningful question my friend could have raised, but unfortunately he has not looked the data in a critical views. As a trainer, I think that now I should prepare a training program of " The Art of Questioning". 

One think what surprises me is even people who claim themselves to be highly educated, never taken the pain of reading a post, understand and discuss it, rather they simply hit the like button, share it and praises the author. 

Beware my friends, a community which can not think on his feel will time and again fell on the floor. 

Let me thank my good friend, but for his postings I might not have taken pain to search for the data and write such a long posting.

Thank you Narain ! 

PS : This may not be the end of the series, it all depends upon my friends's claims and counter claims. 

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