Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toastmaster Project Speech - 3

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; so says Shakespeare. True and we all will agree on this. One of the often repeated part what we play is of the part of a sales person.

You may be in different streams of line of activities – doctors, consultants, finance people and may be amused when I say that all in the world is a sales person. No I am not here referring to the regular sales person, who carries a kit in his hand, a tie around his neck and always a lie on his lips.

If not anything, we always try to sell ourselves and that is why we are all sales people, knowingly or unknowingly. We sell ourselves as an employee, as an employer, as a spouse, as a parent, as a team member and what not. We sell ourselves because; we need the appreciation, the recognition, and the improvement in the ladder of success and material benefits. Hope you all agree with me.

Then how to sell ourselves effectively is the question we need to find the answer. For that we need to know how people buy, only then we can do an effective selling. Just think what you bought today, just look for the financial transaction you have made either by cash or by card.

First you recognize the need for the product and service. Then only we start look for the solutions. Nothing can be sold to a person who does not have a need for it. How many of us, ever looked for the price of a Jet plane? Not many, I suppose because you do not have a need for it.

When we are clear about our needs, then we start looking around for the options available. Anything that satisfies our need is available in various price points and is provided by many players. We carefully start evaluating the options

In the process of evaluation, we face many doubts and start doing the research – thro the net, asking the opinion with the people who use the products or services and try to eliminate the doubts. Once we are clear then we decide to buy the product.

This is the famous REED process, on which all buying in this world happens. For items with lesser value, we take the decision faster and for products at higher value, we take a longer time to settle. Hope trying a new cake of soap will always be faster than deciding to buy a new car.

Having understood the REED process, how to sell our self?

No one will buy us if they do not have a need for us. So we need to find out the need of the other person, and need to think from their angle, what is the value addition we can provide to them.

We need to understand the requirements of the other person and if we can ensure that we can do something more than what others can do, definitely we will be liked by others and can get what we aspire for.

We always need to give more than what we take and that is the secret of success.

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